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All at once, we’re through the front door. Rain-cold, blood in the kettle.

Home now, yew wreath, gum branch potpourri, and apple cider begets an amorous look and a cracked open Royal Dansk tin.

Holding the butter cookie between her thumb and forefinger, rolls it down the inside of her forearm like a St. Catherine's wheel, says "It's still early."

It sounds like everything else; it's an announcement. Inside my head I'm licking the crumbs off, and inside that head, I'm wondering if she meant something by ”it's still early”.

The worlds diverge and she playfully puts her hoodie back on and I’m sure she loves me unconditionally even if she’s got a bit of a sharp tongue. The late months are narrow months (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) What’s a narrow month? You’ve got the Thanksgiving party and the gift exchange and the sidelong sun. What else could you do, besides all this?

“If we get the tickets now, they’ll be cheaper,” she impels. If I’m annoyed by the tone, it’s unintentional. I’m looking for a fight where there is none, and why would I do that?

I take the white paper baking cups out of the tin and toss them in the garbage. The punch recipe’s the really well-kept secret. The worlds converge again, the if and the and. She takes a bite of the cookie; it's halved. She's got executioner’s teeth. No, that's not right. She's the incumbent sweetheart emphasis on the sweet.
Coitus brings out the best in people - I could spend many idyllic afternoons here, below the floating dust.
I'm an undead songbird and I'm bleeding
my chips at the poker table, camel-free
days. I'm high on anxiety and that's
pretty much it.
I'm an internet celebrity, get me out of here!
I hate the light and I can't call you back, I'm busy studying the specific gravity of love.
I blink intermittently like other things that blink intermittently and the
phrase "imminent danger" is overused, goddamnit.
I decay like concrete and probably
at about the same rate, but I don't watch it
and it doesn't watch me (why would it?) and
if walls could talk, they would tell us
how hard it is to ignore us.

I'm a member of the rumrunning five and I won't
miss Polaroids and I don't know what a perfect
circle is actually I do  know what a perfect
circle is and it's not what I just heard on the radio.
The whole world is equidistant from me, so I guess
that's a good start. I'm dying for a cigarette and
I'm dying without. I'm win, place, and show all rolled
into one.
2011 born, in the age of Bourne, I capitalize in the song of the self. It's not that ignorant, just primitive.
10-6; satisfactory hours for The
Fremont Street Body Chocolatier
Established 1990
Before the 2nd Bush Administration

The implacable desert sand
peppers the plate glass storefront
the Adonis mannequin the mocha briefs

Decrepit register, AMEX still accepted
cooler salvaged from Central Food
Behind the counter, Lucy's 39th
She doesn't owe us nothin'

Frowns over the coiled copper-ginger lock
resting on the fondue skin
The Fremont Street Body Chocolatier
Where has Sasha Grey been all your life?


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United States
Current Residence: Austin
Favourite genre of music: Ambient Downtempo
Favourite style of art: None
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Personal Quote: life is a natural disaster
I am fond of sleep. Tonight it eludes me. I'm here because I saw a name that reminded me of another name that reminded me of an unsettling feeling.

If I remember, anyone can remember.

I could continue


that I have the linguistic capacity to write again.

I think back on the times I sat with a mug of hot chocolate in between my hands obsessively refreshing the page to see if I had comments, using the IRC channel for amusement, and being the absolute dumbest person I have ever met. Not that I regret it. Though the one piece of advice I'd give myself... Don't listen to advice from old people.

I don't know how I got here.
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